Venture Atlanta Conference

Connecting Founders and Funders: Venture Atlanta Conference

Supporting the Southeast’s most promising tech companies, the Venture Atlanta Conference is one of the nation’s largest gatherings for venture capital, transforming from a high-quality two-day event into a vibrant community of innovation, technology, and investment.

Discover Venture Atlanta, a transformative event that has evolved from a two-day high-caliber conference into a thriving community committed to uniting innovative companies, disruptive technologies, and top-tier investors.

Who should participate?

Seeking capital? Enthusiastic about emerging technology? Eager to support startups? Interested in networking with startup communities? Venture Atlanta is the ideal destination for entrepreneurs, founders, investors, venture capitalists, students, and vendors alike.

Our Story

Sixteen years ago, we set out with a clear mission: to connect companies with capital.

Starting in 2007 with just a few hundred participants and 20 investment funds, Venture Atlanta has grown exponentially. Today, we welcome over 1,300 attendees annually and boast a roster of more than 350 investment funds, many from beyond our state. This thriving network and our events have been instrumental in securing over $7.5 billion in funding and achieving more than $17 billion in successful exits, featuring standout companies like Kabbage, Cloud Sherpas, Roadie, ParkMobile, SalesLoft, and more.

Our mission has evolved to include not only fostering connections but also providing resources, building partnerships, and nurturing a community that supports the Southeast’s most promising tech companies year-round, far beyond our annual conference.