Introducing Capital Express

Instantly deliver your message to 3,000+ venture capital and private equity investors worldwide.


Success in raising capital is only one click away.

Capital Express allows you to send a message to over 3,000 venture capital and private equity investors in minutes. With thousands of investors at your fingertips, it's easy to get the capital funding you need to take your business to the next level.

How It Works

It's simple. Write a message when you need funding or have a technology breakthrough. We deliver your message to email inboxes of major venture capital funds and private equity investors throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

1. Select Your Investors
Select investors of your choice. You can send your message to investors near you. For maximum results, select all locations.
2. Write Your Message
Write your message to investors. Even if you are not raising capital at the moment, you can build relationships with investors.
3. Track Your Results
Check your email inbox and be amazed at the results. Investors usually respond within 24 hours.

True relationships. Real results.

Capital Express ensures your email reaches the personal inbox of the investment manager instead of the general company email address. For example, your email will reach instead of

Your message directly reaches the decision makers.

Unmatched opportunities. Instant success.

Your message gets delivered the moment you hit the send button.

How soon you receive responses will depend on how interested the investors are. However, you might receive vacation notices or auto replies immediately from investors. This is evidence that your message has already reached the investors' inboxes.

Multi-functional. Multi-use.

Use Capital Express to write anything. Send a message to investors when you are looking for funding or inform investors of your new technology.

The best way to establish a relationship with investors is to build it before you need capital. Use Capital Express to establish frequent communications with investors. Whenever you have a technology breakthrough, management change, expansion of markets, or launch of a new product, you can use Capital Express to communicate that to investors.

Raising capital
Technology breakthrough
Management change or new hire
Expansion of markets
New product launch

The most complete and frequently updated investor database.

With the most current and comprehensive database, you will reach the most active investors that have either made at least one investment in the last year, or are currently looking for investment opportunities.

Our database contains investors located throughout the United States, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. You will reach all venture capital firms in your selected location.


$100 per month | $250 per quarter | $900 per year

Top questions about Capital Express

Is this for start-ups only?
Companies of any size can use Capital Express to communicate their messages to venture capital investors. Investors and financial advisors can also use Capital Express as a tool to build a strong business network.
How soon will I receive responses from investors?
Investors receive your message immediately. Usually you can expect to receive a response within minutes or days.
How do I unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe easily online. Just log into your account and click the Unsubscribe link in your account settings.