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Take the express route to obtain business loans.


Reach 2,000+ banks and financial advisors in minutes.

Introducing Loan Express, a powerful tool that connects you with bankers and private lenders worldwide. Use Loan Express to email more than 2,000 bankers in minutes. Whether you want to obtain business loans or business lines of credit, Loan Express can help you achieve your financing goals.


How It Works

It’s simple. Write a message describing your loan requirements: the amount needed and how you are going to use it. Send a short description to get the conversation started. Once bankers receive your message, they will respond to your inquiry for more details.

1. Select Your Banks
Select banks according to your location since most banks deal locally.
2. Write Your Message
Write a short description about your business financing needs.
3. Track Your Results
See replies from bankers who want to know more about your business.

The most comprehensive, updated, real-time lenders database.

Loan Express has the most current database containing national and regional banks as well as private business loan lenders. Not only is the database frequently updated by our research team, but it also has daily new sign-ups from private lenders. Loan Express boasts a complete and reliable array of financial institutions and private lenders to meet your specific financing needs. See the complete list of banks and private lenders.

True relationships. Real results.

With Loan Express, your email will reach the personal inboxes of the responsible loan officers, not the general company email address. For example, your email will reach john@bank.com instead of info@bank.com.

Multi-functional. Multi-use.

Use Loan Express to send out any type of inquiry - short-term or long-term business loans, business lines of credit, or even business cash advance. Whether you are an established business or a start-up without an operating history, Loan Express opens the door to unlimited financing resources nationwide.

Any industry: software, film, restaurant, etc.
Any stage: from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies
Any location
Any new idea

Easy-to-use web-based application.

To use Loan Express, simply follow three easy steps: write your message, select locations of banks, and then select types of banks. Within a minute, your message will reach your selected lenders nationwide.


$100 per month | $250 per quarter | $900 per year

Top questions about Loan Express

Is this for start-ups only?
Companies of any size can use Loan Express to communicate their messages to banks. Investors and financial advisors can also use Loan Express as a tool to build a strong business network.
How soon will I receive responses from banks?
Banks receive your message immediately. Usually you can expect to receive a response within minutes or days.
How do I unsubscribe?
You can unsubscribe easily online. Just log into your account and click the Unsubscribe link in your account settings.