About MyCapital

Building the Connections that Build Businesses

MyCapital is a financial technology company that connects business owners and investors of all shapes and sizes. Our goal is simple: to make the capital-raising process faster, easier, and more efficient for everyone involved. We've built an investment community that spans six continents and includes thousands of businesses and investors, ranging from startups to global powerhouses, and boutique private equity firms to major commercial banks — all of them able to connect instantly through our world-class applications.

Our global investment network serves companies on all sides of the capital-raising process:

  • Companies Looking for Capital: MyCapital's tools don't just help businesses find investors. They help them find the right investors — and they provide direct access to those financiers with just a few clicks. Companies that don't need capital, meanwhile, can use MyCapital as an Investor Relations tool, forging new relationships that expedite funding searches when future capital needs arise.
  • Venture Capital and Private Equity Investors: Our investor database contains more than 3,000 private equity firms, including venture capitalists making both early- and late-stage investments and buyout firms. MyCapital provides a centralized location where these investors can stay up to date on the latest moves and information from companies that present intriguing new opportunities.
  • Investment Banks and Commercial Banks: MyCapital's bank network includes major investment banks, regional banks that provide syndication loans, and investment banking and research boutiques. These banks can use our tools to track new developments from current and potential clients that range from startups seeking venture capital to Fortune 500 companies arranging large-scale financing.

MyCapital helps these users connect across the globe every day, making the quests to obtain and deploy funds faster and more efficient. We've streamlined the capital-raising process so companies can spend more time on what they do best — innovating and growing.

A Message from our Founder and CEO

For business owners, raising capital can be an exhausting process. The search for investors is often tedious. Uncertainty leads to sleepless nights. Worst of all, time spent tracking down investors means time not spent strategizing, growing, and disrupting.

When I founded MyCapital in 2004, I wanted to change all of that. As an investment banker, I saw that many new business ventures were floundering not because of poor management or a lack of available funding, but because logistics made it difficult for entrepreneurs and investors to connect. From that realization, MyCapital was born.

Today, MyCapital's databases include thousands of companies looking for capital and thousands of companies looking to deploy it, ranging from startups to boutique lenders to some of the largest companies in the world. Our tools break down the barriers between innovators and financiers, allowing them to connect across countries and continents with just a few clicks.

I'm grateful that so many wonderful companies have turned to MyCapital to forge meaningful relationships. We're going to continue finding new ways to connect investors and business owners so they can continue to change the world.

Jennifer Lin
Founder and Chief Executive Director