Nordic Private Capital Day

Our annual one-day event provides the best platform to discuss current practical challenges and to share best practices with the most significant industry players from the largest LPs, GPs, PE funds and high growth potential companies on the Nordic market. We aim at promoting the whole region and fostering deal origination.

We facilitate over 150 qualified meetings through our curated matchmaking. Our analysts reach out to the Limited Partners attending the conference, to understand if they are interested in having meetings. On average more than 75% of the Limited partners are.

Through our long established relations with our network we understand what these Limited Partners are looking for, which generates a targeted outreach to General Partners, Service Providers and CxOs who match their criteria. General Partners being selected in this process then follow the same procedure.

This guarantees we provide the highest quality qualified meetings and introductions to Institutional Investors, Funds, Service Providers, and CxOs.