Global Corporate Venturing & Innovation Summit

2020 was a pivotal moment for the funding of innovation, and the Global Corporate Venturing and Innovation Summit sees the world’s leaders come together in Monterey, California.

Together, academics (such as Josh Lerner from Harvard), VCs and corporate venturers will explore how to create a Global Innovation Capital ecosystem – the place where corporations can leverage their strategic CVC units with external capital, VCs can add value to startups, and entrepreneurs can continue to make the world a better place.

About The Global Corporate Venturing & Innovation Summit

Join Christina Riboldi, James Mawson and 800+ business leaders from the corporate venturing and innovation professionals ecosystem for a 2-day Global Corporate Venturing and Innovation (GCVI) Summit. This event will spotlight corporate venturing and innovation partnership approaches, celebrate outstanding excellence in CV and innovation through an award ceremony, and honor the industry’s Rising Stars Luminaries in Monterey, California.

Decisive Action: Leading Strategically Through The Recovery

Disruption continues to be fantastic driver for technology advancement and the COVID-19 crisis will certainly prove to be an exceptional motivation to for innovation adoption.  The impact of COVID-19 is forcing world leaders and multinationals to think strategically and decisively. Some argue that it is time for us to build. Some will make the case that this is the single greatest time to invest. Whatever the case, the time is now to regroup, refocus, and reshape how we lean in on innovation to support and sustain global business.

  • What measures are being taken to strengthen innovation?
  • How are today’s top innovation experts leading the charge to enact directives for revolutionized business strategy?
  • Where will the best investment opportunities come from and how will the venture community take initiative to hedge bets?
  • What role will corporates play in the above?