Welcome to EcoSummit: Maximizing Impact for a Net-Zero Future by 2030

EcoSummit is on a mission to drive significant change by the crucial 2030 deadline for achieving net-zero carbon emissions. We are dedicated to accelerating smart green startups in energy, mobility, and urban development, all with the goal of saving our climate and our planet.

More Than an Event: A Movement

EcoSummit is not just an event; it’s a movement committed to automating sustainability across every industry. We promote innovation and foster the growth of startups dedicated to environmental preservation. Our support spans both software and hardware solutions, marketing these as services to consumers and businesses, enabling rapid expansion and impact.

Dynamic Startup Marketplace

Our conferences function as vibrant startup marketplaces, where activities like fundraising, networking, lead generation, co-investing, corporate venturing, open innovation, and M&A come to life. Since 2010, we’ve hosted 23 physical events in dynamic cities such as Berlin, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Düsseldorf. Additionally, we’ve embraced the digital realm with 21 EcoSummit Zoom online events, making our mission accessible to a global audience.

Join Us

Let’s co-invest and build impactful startups together. Join us in accelerating smart green startups, automating sustainability, and contributing to a smarter, greener, and more sustainable future.