AVCJ Private Equity Forum Japan

Japan has emerged as a new hotspot for private equity, driven by geopolitical risks and less attractive return prospects in other markets. In contrast, favorable monetary policies, government initiatives, market and regulatory reforms, and access to debt have created an ideal environment for dealmakers. However, to ensure long-term success, the industry must take critical final steps.

The AVCJ Private Equity Forum Japan, the world’s leading Japan-focused private markets event, brings together the most influential institutional investors. This forum, developed over two decades, offers unparalleled access to the most compelling industry gathering of 2024 for investment and fundraising perspectives.

Discussion Topics:

  • How will the macroeconomic and political landscape impact investments in private markets?
  • Where are the most promising global opportunities located?
  • Why is Japan the preferred Asian destination for limited partners (LPs)?
  • Which segments of the mid-market continue to provide the most favorable deals and value?
  • Which sectors within the buyout realm are particularly appealing to private equity investors?
  • What is the current state of the debt market, and what are the optimal strategies for investor access?
  • How are governance and regulatory pressures influencing activist agendas?
  • What approaches are venture capitalists (VCs) adopting to facilitate global expansion for startups, and which sectors offer the greatest potential?