How to Write a Winning Business Plan – Part 5: Management and Organization

business planThis section should include the names, backgrounds, and qualifications of key management and what their respective responsibilities are in your venture.  Discuss why the management team is well qualified to make this business successful.  If any of your management team, board, or advisors have had prior success as an entrepreneur, note this – it will boost the confidence level of your prospective investors.

A strong management team is extremely important to investors, often even more important than the business idea itself.  Take the time to explain exactly what your management team brings to the table.


iWidget’s management team includes desktop publishing and online gaming industry pioneers and innovators.  They are highly specialized and talented individuals who helped to launch the industry and continue to help shape its present and future course.  The company’s principals have had previous success as entrepreneurs.  The core team is well qualified to continue iWidget’s operations  and expand upon its current success.

J. Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Smith received his BS in engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in May, 1995 and co-founded his first business, iStudy, while a student at MIT.  The venture was acquired by BIG Textbooks Co. in 2002 for $8 million.  Smith worked as a senior software developer at BIG Software from 1996 to 2002 and helped to develop the company’s leading BIG-Pub desktop publishing software.    He co-founded iWidget, Inc. with R. Jones in 2002 and together, they successfully launched iWidget Pro in 2004.

R. Jones, Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Jones received his BS in engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in May, 1995 and co-founded iStudy with Mr. Smith while a student at MIT.  Mr. Jones helped to develop some of the online gaming industry’s first software while as an associate at Ace Online Game Co. of Las Vegas, Nevada.  He then joined J. Smith to to co-found iWidget, Inc. in 2002.

Jane Doe, Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Doe received a BS in Statistics and Finance from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and holds an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.  Prior to joining iWidget, Ms. Do served as Chief Financial Officer of iTarget Software and Senior Vice President in charge of Finance at New Angle Software.