Women’s Alternative Investment Summit

The 12th annual Women’s Alternative Investment Summit returns to New York City this November at our new venue – The Plaza in midtown Manhattan! A conference to enhance networking, fundraising, and deal-making opportunities for senior-level women across the broad spectrum of alternative investments. The Summit will bring together an influential group of more than 450 […]

Saratoga Investor Forum

REMIER INVESTOR EVENT OF THE SEASON – The Forum is an exclusive event with great content for venture capitalists, middle market debt & equity investors, limited partners, venture-backed and second-stage entrepreneurs & angel investors EXECUTIVE FORUM for CEOS – Connect with a select group of like-minded executives to discuss strategic decision-making, buying and selling businesses, maximizing value and […]

Impact Investing in Place

Upstate Capital is hosting an event designed to introduce and highlight several approaches to place-based investing, including for-profit and non-profit seed funding models and the new Opportunity Zones program. How are various investment models utilized to support entrepreneurship, new business starts, business growth, and job creation today? What are best practices and lessons learned from […]

Investor Connections for Clean Energy Startups

Want to meet the next-generation clean energy companies launching in New York? And the investors supporting clean energy companiesfrom across the country? Upstate Capital is hosting  an evening of networking for angel, seed, and venture capital investors to connect with energy and sustainability startups and established companies in the Southern Tier startup ecosystem in Upstate New York.  Prior […]

Evercore Partners Inc.

65 E. 55th St. 33rd Floor New York, New York 10022 United States Phone: 212-857-3100 Fax: 212-857-3101 Team: Roger C. Altman, Partner Website: www.evercore.com Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Veritas Capital

660 Madison Avenue 14th Floor New York, New York 10021 United States Phone: 212-688-20 Fax: 212-688-9411 Team: Robert B. Mckeon, Partner Website: veritascapital.com Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Sandler Capital Management

767 Fifth Ave. 45th Floor New York, New York 10153 United States Phone: 212-754-8100 Fax: 212-826-280 Team: Robert Fowler, Partner Website: www.sandlercap.com Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Prometheus Equity Partners Pty, Ltd.

10 East 29th Street 37G New York, New York 10016 United States Phone: 949-723-1352 Team: Robert Muir, Partner Website: www.pepvc.com Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Pembroke Development Corp.

575 Madison Ave. 10th Floor New York, New York 10022 United States Phone: 212-605-347 Fax: 212-605-254 Team: Robert M. Blumenfeld, Partner Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Pecks Management Partners, Ltd.

One Rockefeller Plaza New York, New York 10020 United States Phone: 212-332-1333 Fax: 212-332-1334 Team: Robert J. Cresci, Partner Website: www.pecks.com Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Newlight Associates

1107 Broadway Suite 1300 New York, New York 10010 United States Phone: 212-675-7354 Fax: 212-675-7381 Team: Robert Raucci, Partner Website: www.nlventures.com Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Meriwether Capital Corp.

30 Rockefeller Plaza Room 5432 New York, New York 10112-0245 United States Phone: 212-649-5890 Fax: 212-246-7419 Team: Robert W. Petit, Partner Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Healthcare Capital Partners Ltd.

54 Thompson Street New York, New York 10012 United States Phone: 212-965-800 Fax: 212-965-2301 Team: Robert Morrison, Partner Website: www.capitalz.com Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Great Circle Capital LLC

2039 Palmer Ave. Suite 102 Larchmont, New York 10538 United States Phone: 914-834-7000 Fax: 914-833-8671 Team: Robert Burke, Partner Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Fulcrum Management Inc.

245 Park Ave. 24th Floor New York, New York 10167 United States Phone: 212-439-1512 Fax: 212-208-6810 Team: Robert C.K. Crary, Partner Website: www.fulcrummgt.com Company Type: Venture Capital Firm

Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.

140 Broadway 16th Floor New York, New York 10005 United States Phone: 212-493-8426 Fax: 212-493-8429 Team: Robert R. Gould, Partner Website: www.bbh.com Company Type: Venture Capital Firm