Alternative Investments are booming in Switzerland, may it be Private Equity, Infrastructure, Private Debt, Real Estate, Venture Capital, Commodities or CAT-Bonds to name just a few.

The Alternative Investment Industry is projected to grow by 59% by 2023, amounting to global assets under management at $14 trillion (Prequin). You will discuss the following hot topics with leading experts:

✔ Opportunities & Risks of Capital Raising with bankable Securitisation compared to Security Tokens (STOs)

✔ Swiss Tax Legislation & Policy with the Swiss Federal Tax Authority (“ESTV”) and leading experts

The conference is organised and moderated by Swiss Capitalmarketforum – Financial Markets Dialog of Executives.

Who should attend? Investors, Wealth Managers, Pension Funds, Family Offices, Banks, Consultants, Lawyers, Tax Advisors, Auditors, Regulators, Tax Officers, Funds & Asset Managers

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