Private Equity Tax 101

Private Equity Tax 101 is the only tax crash course for both senior and junior tax personnel that covers the must-know fundamentals of your private equity fund’s tax obligations! Come join the discussion and hear from the industry’s top tax professionals on what your fund must consider including: management compensation, cross-border investments, K-1s, FATCA, and much more!

You’ll gain insight into valuable trends plus practical, actionable advice from the industry’s top tax professionals on:

  • The biggest tax concerns for your fund in today’s economy
  • Differing fund structures, their tax implications, and what you should know
  • Update on TEFRA Proposals
  • The fears and realities of carried interest
  • Differing fund structures including: U.S. Domestic Partnership, Cayman Partnership, and Cayman Feeder entities
  • Understand flow-through entities and their purpose
  • Know when blocker corporations can be utilized to bring down costs
  • ECI & FIRPTA reporting and withholding concerns
  • Understanding the differences between U.S. and foreign investors: What are their needs, filing requirements, and exemptions?
  • What is FATCA and its importance to your fund? What can you do right now to prepare for potential CRS implementations in the future?
  • K-1 footnotes: what should you include for UBTI, ECI, etc.?