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How to Write a Winning Business Plan – Part 1: Company Description

This section of your business plan should briefly sum up your company’s history and how you got to where you are now.  Explain how your management team and your business evolved, how much has been invested in the business to date and by whom, and what the ownership and legal structures are.  You may also […]

business plan

How to Write a Winning Business Plan – Part 2: Products and Services

Put yourself in the place of potential investors when determining how to describe your product or service.  An investor would want to know what you offer and why it’s better than what’s already available on the market.  How is your product or service new and different?  If the product or service is not yet on […]

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Alternatives to Venture Capital Funding

There are some excellent alternatives to venture capital that you should also explore in your search for funding sources.  One such alternative is an angel investor – a term for an investor that takes you under its wing and lifts you up to the next level of growth.  Angel investors typically do not have deep […]