Sheer Networks, Inc.

After a lengthy capital raising process, we found that MyCapital offered the tools and solutions needed for us to attract investors more effectively, and found the support team very responsive to our specific needs. MyCapital Capital Express will be crucial in assuring our company heard and noticed in the investment community.
- Rhonda Edmund, Executive Vice President

Priceline.com, Inc.

We like Capital Express's real-time ability to proactively get our press releases to investors. It is a very simple way to stay connected with our investors. We also like the ease of use, very intuitive application, which allows every non-technical person to use it.
- John Thingelstad, Director of Investor Relationships

OsteoBiologics Corp.

We love the Capital Express solution; it's done everything we've wanted it to do and we utilize it heavily ... we feel we've gotten our money's worth.
- Benjamin Hocker, Execurive Vice President


Before we found MyCapital, we had been raising capital for an year without satisfactory result. Now we have new investor inquiries every day and we are evaluating various offers from investors. Really beyond expectations.
- Jamie Kuchta, Executive Vice President


It's a pleasure to work with a company that gives its customer highest attention possible. We're getting what we are paying for -- an application service brimming with new features and functionality and an advisory team armed with capital raising experiences.
- Steven Martin, Vice President, Finance

HSM Group

We are very impressed with the professionalism and skill set of the MyCapital team. The 24/7 monitoring provided by MyCapital helps us to quickly and reliably deliver our press releases to the venture capital investment community. The responses from the investment community are overwhelming but we can easily reply all inquiries online directly from our MyCapital member area, greatly streamlining our investor relationship efforts.
- Ed J. McKerlie, Head of Finance Department


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