MyCapital Sponsorships

MyCapital is committed to strengthening the communities in which we live and do business. Together with civic, community and corporate leaders, we actively support cultural and cause-related programs that help build vibrant, diverse and compassionate communities. To apply for sponsorships from MyCapital, please submit a written proposal.

Proposal Guideline:

We'll review and consider proposals seeking financial involvement in sponsorship and event-related marketing activities. All proposals must be in writing and should include a clear explanation of

  • The sponsorship opportunity
  • The intended benefits to be received, including generated revenue and a positive return on investment
  • The financial parameters
  • The length of term
  • The category exclusivity provisions
  • The timing for decisions

Send your proposal:

Submit your written proposal to

MyCapital, Inc.
Sponsorship Marketing
1800 Century Park E.
Los Angeles, CA 90067



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