About Our Investment Network
About Our Investment Network

MyCapital helps companies seeking capital, investors, and financial services companies to connect with each other easier and faster. Our capital network consists of and welcomes the following three users:


Companies seeking capital and wishing to communicate with investors, or companies that want to use our application as an Investor Relations tool to frequently communicate with the Wall Street and the public. Our company database contains a full range of company types: Fortune 500 companies that are arranging large-scale financing, middle market private companies seeking additional debt or equity funding, and emerging companies in need of venture capital.


Equity investors currently seeking investments in early stage, later stage, or public companies for venture capital investments or buyouts. Currently, our investor database contains more than 3,000 private equity firms, including venture capital firms making both early- and late-stage investments, and buyout firms.

Investment Banks:

Investment banks or financial services companies that want to receive information from current or potential clients. Our investment bank network includes major investment banks, regional banks that provide syndication loans, and investment banking and research boutiques.


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