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Company Overview

Based in Los Angeles, CA, the U.S. operations of MyCapital.com are an online venture of Atlas Capital Group Corp., a cross-border investment banking firm. Atlas Capital Group has been helping companies in the IT sector raise capital in the U.S. and Asia. Since its inception in 1998, Atlas Capital Group has become one of the premier investment banking firms in cross-border venture capital and investment banking transactions. A cornerstone of our strong client appeal has been our focus on companies that once received venture funding elsewhere before approaching us. With rigorous selectivity, Atlas Capital Group has been able to provide the most valuable investment opportunities for its venture capital investors.

As of 2003, Atlas Capital Group has executed more than 50 transactions, raising an aggregate of more than $100 million for its clients. Industry sectors we have served include communications, software, semiconductors, making us one of the most experienced financial services companies aross Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and Asia. Atlas Capital Group is the first investment banking company to offer online services on both the buy side and sell side at the institutional level.

Atlas Capital Group debuted the MyCapital.com beta site in April 2003, choosing California and New York as the first markets in the country to launch its online capital-raising services. The company successfully integrated its institutional cleints database with an e-mail software application to allow real-time communications between and investors and companies. Capital Express distignuishes its premier database by incorporating corporate contacts of Atlas Capital Group in Asian countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, where venture capitalists are most active. Currently, the Capital Express database covers more than 3,000 high-level decision makers in private equity firms across the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

World Class Service - One application, serving three user groups, creating one collaborative investment community around the globe

MyCapital offers capital seekers (companies), capital providers (investors), and financial intermediaries (investment banks) a collaborative community through its technology platform. By having each party establish a presence in the community and use applications to contact other parties, each member receives information serving its specific interests.

With each group signing up and opting to receive e-mail from interested parties, every group serves to enhance information efficiency in MyCapital's community, benefiting itself and others worldwide.

Capital Express

MyCapital Capital Express lets capital seekers review the contact information of investor members who join the community and opt to receive e-mails from other parties. It allows a member company to send an e-mail message to hundreds of selected investors instantly. Investors in the database come from one of the following categories.

Venture Capital Investor

Approximately 3,000 venture capital firms registered with the local securities or regulation governing bodies in their countries participate in the Capital Express database, ensuring capital seekers' messages are promptly delivered to everyone who has capital available for investment. To increase the likelihood of success, the database is selective: only venture capital firms that have been active within the last year and have stated that they are currently seeking investments are included.

Private Equity (Buyout) Investor

Later stage investors seeking buyout opportunities from public companies, or private well-established/ middle market companies are also included in the Capital Express database, providing members from Fortune 1,000 companies better financing opportunities.

Corporate Investor

Strategic investors from major corporations often make early-stage investments or buyout offers to companies that meet their strategic goals. Capital Express incorporates contact information from leading IT companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson, giving start-up companies a way to access such strategic investors.

Angel Investor

MyCapital allows individual angel investors to provide their contact information for the database and sign up to receive investment opportunities from companies using Capital Express. Companies therefore benefit from a wider selection of investors that includes wealthy individuals.


Banking Express

MyCapital Banking Express embeds contact information from the top 10 Wall Street firms and financial intermediaries nationwide in its application. The I-banks Campaigner enables companies to send an inquiry or other information to seleted investment banks in its specific location or industry regarding:

Equity issuance: Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) or private placements.

Debt issuance: Lenders from investment banks or commercial banks that provide syndication loans.

M&A advisory: Intermediaries familiar with buyers and with the M&A process.

Research: Research departments of selected investment banks. (This makes Banking Express a great tool for managing Investor Relations with the public and Wall Street.)


Investments Express

MyCapital Investments Express offers investment banks and investors the opportunity to contact all members that sign up and appear in the investment database. Investors can search for and save company profiles, contact an individual company directly from its profile, or send e-mails to all companies matching their investment preferences. Investments Express functions as an easy-to-use marketing vehicle for investment banks and investors to connect with their potential clients and investment targets.


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