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Before you approach a VC for funding, examine your goals. How much capital do you need? Do you want passive or active investors? Are you looking to ramp up your marketing efforts? Grow your management team? Does your Board of Directors need more seasoned expertise? Answering these questions for yourself will help you decide whom to approach for investment capital, whether that be a VC, angel investor, strategic investor, or other.

If you choose the VC path, make your best effort to get an entrée into your target VCs through a trusted referral. And always do your homework, both on the VCs you're targeting and on your own business needs. ‘Do the math,' come to the table prepared, and keep your presentation brief and to the point. Know your ultimate business objectives, and be honest about those goals with your prospective investors.


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Table of Content
I. What Is Venture Capital
II. The Funding Process
III. Types of Funding
IV. Non-Disclosure Agreements
V. Term Sheet
VI. What Do VCs Look For
VII. VC Exit Strategy
VIII. Conclusion
Venture Capital 101