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It's not advisable to ask a VC for a non-disclosure agreement, and may even risk stopping your potential VC deal in its tracks.

Venture capitalists may review hundreds or thousands of business plans in any given year. Even if you think your ideas are proprietary, they may be just similar enough to another entrepreneur's that the VC takes on the added risk of legal action against it just by signing your NDA. Also, for the VC, accepting NDAs adds the administrative burden of having to keep track of which NDA covers what entrepreneur's ideas.

Rather than focus on an NDA, do your homework to find a reputable VC that can be trusted with your information.

See a sample non-disclosure agreement.


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Table of Content
I. What Is Venture Capital
II. The Funding Process
III. Types of Funding
IV. Non-Disclosure Agreements
V. Term Sheet
VI. What Do VCs Look For
VII. VC Exit Strategy
VIII. Conclusion
Venture Capital 101